To put it simply, a rainy day typically brings me down with it. We all know the feeling- you don't have any plans, the sky is gray, and you just wanna' chill, which is fine until like 1 pm when you start thinking about that really embarrassing thing you said to your crush in third… Continue reading LIFE HACKS FOR A RAINY DAY


For the Emotional Control-Freak.

If I had a penny for every moment I've spent anxiously tapping my foot and trying to control everything around me, I would definitely be living it up in a SoHo apartment and wearing perfectly curated chic athleisure outfits. Which, admittedly, would be nice, but that's beside the point. I am the opposite of a… Continue reading For the Emotional Control-Freak.

Why I Stopped Letting Beautiful Things Pass Me By

Hello, friends! I've recently found myself in a much more thoughtful state recently. (Or, sometimes, in an over-think-everything-mode) and I've come to realize that all too often, I'll find myself being too stressed, too self-focused, and too distracted by my own little world to do something simple and wonderful like, say, hang out with my… Continue reading Why I Stopped Letting Beautiful Things Pass Me By