16 Things I’ve Learned from Being 16

April 11th, 2017 marked the day that I officially turned 17. It marked my completion of the buzzed about, film worthy, notorious age of 16 years old. Personally, I think this is a tremendous accomplishment on any grounds. Below are, appropriately, 16 life lessons I’ve learned about being a 16 year old girl, and some ways I made the inevitably emotional journey bearable.

  1. You don’t need to wear makeup to school everyday. Makeup is super fun and can boost your confidence, but if you wake up and don’t want to put it on, don’t. You will still be the same beautiful person.
  2. Spend time with Jesus everyday. Your heart needs to be held, your worries need to be soothed, and your relationship with Him needs to be deepened often.
  3. If the boy brings any form negativity into your life, drop him. There are billions more.
  4. Go to things. The party, the “Hi, I was wondering if you guys were accepting applications?”, the school activity, the Homecoming, the Prom, the short weekend trip with a friends family. You only regret the things you didn’t do.
  5. Make a good throwback playlist. Its necessary for all  occasions.
  6. Put. The. Phone. Down. Sometimes.
  7. Listen to your Mom.
  8. Don’t subtweet, don’t gossip, don’t spread that negativity. Not only is it bad for your soul, but the world has enough mean girls. Try to spread some kindness.
  9. The halls of most high schools are lacking kindness- be the exception. Reach out.
  10. It’s always okay that you didn’t go to the party.
  11. Now is a time to learn and grow and figure out who you are and where you stand- take it and use it.
  12. Heavy eyeliner is NEVER a look.
  13. Understand that you will go through different seasons of emotions and of friendships- make the best of each one and find peace in them.
  14. Sleep matters, mental health matters. Make both a priority.
  15. Don’t get the sexiest Prom dress, get the one you can dance and feel confident in.
  16. (If I haven’t stressed this enough–) Throw kindness around like confetti. Everyone needs it.

-Carrie Anne


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