Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress

To start off, I want to clarify that yes, the title of this post is DEFINITELY inspired by Jesse McCartney’s iconic bop, “Leavin'”, and the recent joy I’ve found in making a good throwback playlist and listening to it while getting ready or being in the car with your girls.

Anyways, if you can’t tell by my having the free time to make an early 2000’s throwback playlist, this week, my school has been out of session for Spring Break! I have been anticipating Spring Break since we were out for Christmas break, and I’ve been looking for Spring ever since last Spring! There’s something about it finally getting warmer and being able to wear your cute floral prints that makes me so happy!

While there are so many beautiful things to be happy about during this season, I wanted to address something that seems to bother me almost every time my normal schedule is thrown off, and that’s the stress that your mind tries to create whenever you have more free time than normal. On breaks like these, I often find myself spending the days thinking about the time that’s already passed and calculating precisely how much time I have left to relax. When I’m out and about, I think about how I should be at home, healing and relaxing, and when I’m at home, I think about all the things I should be out doing. When I put that thought process of mine into writing, I realize its completely counterproductive. I think that this type of stress has a way of controlling our minds very often, without us knowing, and it often disguises itself as an urge to be more productive. Now, I am ALL FOR getting things done, keeping healthy, maintaining relationships, and being a #GirlBoss whenever you can; but sometimes, its okay to stop thinking about all the ways you can be better, and to let yourself be.

If you go on social media today, its filled with millions of ways you can improve your life for the better, and never be sad again and get rid of cellulite over night and look like Kylie Jenner and work out like a Victoria’s Secret Angel and sleep better and do a juice cleanse so that you will finally be happy and pretty and never be sad ever again. Now, while I am all for self improvement, I think that all these mixed messages about having a better life can get incredibly confusing, and they definitely have the potential to kill your peace of mind.

So, my message to you and myself is that while striving to be better is wonderful, its important to remember that its okay to be still. Its okay to be at peace with where you are, and its okay to know that all you can do is all you can do. Thinking about all the ways things could be better often prevents us from looking around and seeing how beautiful things are just as they are! So, if you find yourself stressed out and stuck in your own little mind, put away the phone and the worrisome thoughts, and try to be still.

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

-Carrie Anne



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