Why I Stopped Letting Beautiful Things Pass Me By

Hello, friends! I’ve recently found myself in a much more thoughtful state recently. (Or, sometimes, in an over-think-everything-mode) and I’ve come to realize that all too often, I’ll find myself being too stressed, too self-focused, and too distracted by my own little world to do something simple and wonderful like, say, hang out with my little brother for a few minutes.

It depresses me to think of all the sunsets, conversations with my Grandma, laughs with my friends, and other wonderful little things I’ve completely looked over because I was working and worrying mindlessly, completely oblivious to the beautiful people and things around me. So-how did I turn things around?

I started taking time rountinely taking time to stop, breathe, and talk to God each morning before I spoke to anyone or tried to start anything on my own. This is something I’ve loosely practiced before, but after feeling constantly frustrated with this inadequate, stressed, mindless feeling I was experiencing, I decided to listen to my mother, and all Sunday School teachers I’ve ever had, and actually do my morning devotionals.

The difference it’s made has been (not to sound cheesy) absolutely life changing. Yesterday, we had the day off of school for a teacher workday (which is ALWAYS a blessing). Typically, on these days, I’ll sleep in a bit, eat a bowl of cereal, and  make my way back to bed to spend the day being in a state of half stressing over homework and half re-watching The Office. While this isn’t bad in itself, I actively decided that I wanted to make this day beautiful! So, I rounded up some of my girlies in my designated “soccer mom car” (#proud), and we spent the day at a nice little local lunch shop, and went a few minutes downtown to take pictures. I found that later in the day, because I had been making efforts throughout the day to be more mindful and enjoy things, I was more encouraging to and aware of my wonderful family, and found loads of time to watch my little bro play some Minecraft and chat with my little sister.

While writing this, I’m sitting in school during my lunch hour, and the library kind of smells like mayonnaise, which is normally something that would bother me. However, (as cheesy as it may sound) with this new mindset I’m trying to develop, I decided to look at the pretty books all lined up, and focus on that. Updates to come soon on this new little mindset I’m trying to develop!

-Carrie Anne


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