GO and DO

2 Samuel 7:3, “and Nathan said to the King– Go and do all that is in your heart, for The Lord is with you.”

I’m never quite sure how to communicate to someone about a new bible verse that I’ve been thinking on because, well, it feels silly to me to say “WOW! This is a good one!” because its the word of God, so, like, of course it’s going to be, you know, well written.

So, with the fact that when speaking of this verse I am not critiquing God’s prose or reviewing this verse among others addressed, I wanted to put into words one of the many crazy-rad-not-of-this-world ways I’ve felt His presence, which is through scripture. The feeling you get when reading or studying His word and it feels like a verse or phrase has physically jumped off the page and tugged on your heart to say “Hey!! Girl!! God wants you to hear this!!”

The notion to go and do all that is in your heart hits me hard. I’m constantly thinking of changes I’d love to make, things I would love to create, and I’m constantly having all of these crazy beautiful ambitious thoughts, but I almost never source the courage to do these things. Which made me think, why is it that way? Why do I allow fear of failure to plague me and prevent me from just GOING for it?

I wanted to share this for the chance that the highlighting of this verse in my heart could make it to yours. GO- do what you’ve been scared to do, make plans to visit somewhere new, make a trip back to somewhere or something that set your soul on fire. DO- all of the things that have been in your heart. Why? Because The Lord is with you, and you will never be alone in any of your ambitions.

Go get ’em, girl.

-Carrie Anne


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